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2016-08-25 VLOG #0008 – The college textbook conspiracy

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Companies like Pearson are ripping us off on textbooks. They charge upwards of $200 on a textbook, depending on the title, and these are for general education classes where the exact information can be had for nothing from sources like Open Books. On top of that, they’ll sell online access to their craptastic “labs” that will cost you another $25-$30. New editions come out regularly with no apparent change in content… the layout may get updated and the pages will change so students are forced to buy the new editions to complete assignments. The professors appear to be in on it or not really thinking about their students or they just don’t have a choice due to department or school policy. Either way, students are getting fleeced. With the rising cost of higher education these days, this is another area we need to shine a spotlight on.

2016-08-22 VLOG #0006 – Driving home on a Monday afternoon

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It’s a new week and new day. I’m just driving home from work. It’s not even 3:00 pm yet but there’s a bit of traffic already. It’s just crazy. I think a big part of it is the curve in the 805 freeway as you go through what we call the Golden Triangle in San Diego. People are just stupid and do not know how to negotiate that. You’d think it would be easy to just maintain your speed, keep your eyes on the road and carry on. But no… inevitably some idiot will slam on his brakes and there you go, instant traffic jam. The worse part is that he probably wasn’t even affected! Yeah, that’s the rant for the new week.