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Hotel del Coronado Orbit


Saturday was a cloudy day but I decided to head out to Coronado anyways to shoot it again.  It’s so picturesque out there that it’s always good for some good footage.  The last time I went out to film it I had just received the drone back and it was more of practice run than anything else.  This is more of a serious attempt to see what I can get.  I was worried that the cloud and haziness would make for a bad shoot but that wasn’t the case as you can see.  The colors were great.  It was even more saturated due to the overcast conditions.  What I didn’t anticipate was the wind.  That caused a bit of jello-ing during parts of the flight.  I guess that just means I have to go back and shoot it again!  This orbit was done on the Litchi app’s Orbit feature, which works much better than the equivalent in the DJI Go app.

Grossmont Terrace Neighborhood Flight


Here’s a long-ish flight I did around the Grossmont Terrace neighborhood.  Total flight time was about 12.5 minutes and the mission was programmed using Litchi in Groundstation mode.  Litchi is great for this sort of thing to free you up to actually monitor the flight and adjust the video gimbal.  It helps tremendously to keep an eye on the actual quadcopter as well since without it, you’re watching the screen to see where it’s going, then glancing up to locate the copter, back down to the screen and all the while losing sight of the thing.  With Litchi, that’s reduced tremendously.  In any case, enjoy this longer flight around a neighborhood.

Short Mt. Helix Groundstation/Waypoint Mission with Litchi


This is one of the very first flights I did using Litchi’s Groundstation mode.  I set up the mission offline using the app and then loaded into the quadcopter before flying the mission.  The whole process was very simple and went off without a hitch.  Setting up a flight path is as easy as tapping on the map where you want a waypoint to be and then setting up the parameters of that waypoint.  Dead simple really.

San Diego Mormon Temple Orbit


The Mormon Temple in San Diego is a very picturesque site as you drive up along the 5 (that’s Interstate 5 for you non-natives!).  It’s hard to miss as you approach UCSD and the UTC area of town.  Tall, gleaming white and glorious, it stands tall above its surrounding.  I hope you enjoy this different view of it from above.  This short video was filmed with a Phantom 3 Professional in 4K using the Litchi app and downscaled to 1080p for the Internet.  Color grading was done with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Torrey Pines to Del Mar Beach


This is a rather long flight distance wise up the southern California coast from Torrey Pines to Del Mar and back.  Since I was flying fast, the flight was just about 7 minutes.  Distance wise we’re looking at roughly 3.5 miles round trip.  There were sections of the beach where was not a lot of beach goers.  It wasn’t until I got to Del Mar proper that you saw more people on the beach.  It was such a gorgeous day for flying too!  The flight was done using the DJI Go app on an iPhone 6 Plus and filmed with a Phantom 3 Professional in 4K.  Color grading was done in Adobe Premiere Pro and it was downscaled to 1080p for the Internet.

Mt. Helix 360 Degrees Orbit with Litchi


This is one of my very first orbit/POI flight using the Litchi app.  Setup was a breeze and can be done completely offline.  You select Orbit as the flight mode and then select on the map where you’d like to put the Point of Interest.  Once that’s placed, you can tap on the POI point and edit its attributes like speed, radius, altitude, where the camera’s pointed at, direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise) and more.  After that it’s just a matter of hitting Play and your Phantom’s off & flying.  Easy!