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Neewer lapel/lavalier mic for vlogging

The Neewer lapel mic has to be one of the best bargains of 2018.  This mic is marketed for vlogging with an Android or iPhone with the standard 3.5mm jack.  On a whim, I decided to get it for my Fuji X-E3 camera.  I also bought a 3.5mm-2.5mm adapter so I can plug it into my Fuji X-E3.  To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect at all and half expected that it wouldn’t work.  Not only did it worked, it worked really well!  And here’s the kicker… you get 3 of them for $4.99!  I’m not kidding… a 3-pack of these guys go for $4.99.  The adapter cost me $5.07 – more than the mics!
Check out my YouTube video below on the sound quality.  Is it the best out there?  Probably not, but it sounds really good to me and at less than $2 a mic, you really can’t go wrong.  So yes, it’s 2018 but bargains can still be had.  Even now, this has got to be the best bargain I’ve ever bought!

Christmas in Hong Kong 2015

My wife and I took a Christmas trip to Hong Kong in 2015. I’ve finally gotten around to editing all of the various clips together into one video. Hong Kong is already like the Las Vegas of Asia… lights and people galore. The eating and shopping here is pretty awesome. We had a great time just hanging out for about a week before heading into Vietnam. Nothing crazy here… cool editing, voice over or any of that stuff. Just scenes from Hong Kong with some soothing music.