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10 Years On & We’ve Learned Nothing Follow up

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Back in August, I posted a video titled 10 Years On & We’ve Learned Nothing. Well, it’s 2 months on and the market seems to be correcting as I had feared. Both the S&P 500 and the Dow 30 are down for the year and about 9% down from their previous highs. The NASDAQ is barely positive. Even after the recent volatility, I think this is just the beginning. We’re in for a rough ride and I wouldn’t be surprise to see a minor bear market where we dip 20% or so from these recent highs. Keep watching to hear my thoughts on why this is just the beginning.

Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVTBK4iyLjk

2018-10: Alton Lane Shirt Review

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I spent a month in New York for work in September 2018. I had heard on NPR about a new men’s custom clothing shop called Alton Lane. The gimmick is that you go in, get measured, have a Scotch, and then strip down to your underwear to get 3D scanned. The promise is that you’ll get a really well fitting shirt, suit, etc. So I decided to give them a try to compare them to my current tailor.

When I got home, the shirt was already waiting for me. So I wore it for the first time today to work and am posting some quick thoughts on it here. Overall, the fit is really good and it’s a well made shirt. It was $139… so I think that’s a bit more than my current tailor. Would I use them again? Possibly when I return to New York again next week. What do you think?