On this page you’ll find photography that I’ve done.  I take a lot of pictures.  Some of them are just snapshots with either my phone or my handy Point & Shoot (and it’s actually a pretty decent one at that.  If you’re in a market for a compact the shoots great, check out the Panasonic LX5 – a bit pricey but worth it).  The LX5 takes great videos too.  Other photos are slightly more decent and they’re taken my with pro DSLR, a Canon 5D Mark II.  That camera is simply amazing, especially when paired with some Canon L lenses.

Of course, the maxim applies that it’s not the camera or even the lens (well, the lens does play a huge role) but it’s the photographer.  That’s certainly true.  I would say that I’m OK.  Still learning but I love to photograph things because it’s an art form that I can actually do.  So here you’ll find some stuff I’ve done.  Some are just sentimental and for me but others may appeal to others as well.  In any case, enjoy!

Rambutan or Chom Chom

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One of the great things about visiting Vietnam in the summer is all of the fruits that are available to eat.  One of those is the rambutan or “chom chom” in Vietnamese.  The name means “hairy fruit” and you can see why it’s called that:


The skin is soft, as is the hair.  You can peel it with your fingers very easily.  Inside is the flesh of the fruit itself, which is a translucent white.  It looks very much like a large longan.  In fact, there is a variety of ramubtans in Vietnam called “chom chom nhan” which literally translates as longan rambutans.  Here’s what it looks like inside:

Inside a rambutan
Inside a rambutan

The fruit itself is sweet but not overly juicy.  There’s a big single seed inside, the out layer of which will oftentimes stick to the flesh of the fruit as you’re eating it.  If you’ve never had rambutans before, I suggest heading down to your local Asian supermarket and see if they have any fresh ones available.  Some of them in the bigger Asian communities do.  The canned variety in light sugary syrup does not do the fruit justice.


Merry Christmas!

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Paris – November 2011

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Coronado at dusk

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Here’s one of my favorite shots of the summer… it’s Coronado at dusk.  I had taken my scooter out for a nice summer ride and had decided to head out to the island.  I took this shot of the beach right by the Hotel del Coronado:

Coronado at dusk

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