Hacked Panasonic GF1

Well, I did it.  I hacked the firmware of my Panasonic GF1 camera using the official 1.22 Firmware and PTool.  Now my camera’s video capabilities are much improved.  Less compression, higher bitrates, and a better colorspace (420 -> 422).  I’ll play around with it tomorrow and see how it looks in real life.  🙂

Eastern Sierra Time Lapse

This is such a cool video. Good music and great use of time lapse. Whenever I watch something like this it makes me want to go out there and attempt something like this.  I don’t have a head that will auto-rotate like what I’m seeing here so some of these effects I can’t do but damn if I’m not impressed.

Battery for my Piaggio BV500

I just got a new battery for my BV500 since the old one died.  This time I’m replacing it with a Shorai Lithium Ion battery at about 1/6 the weight and twice the cost.  For this, I get a battery that’s supposed to be a lot stronger, doesn’t require constant maintenance and lasts twice as long.  It’s a fair trade off I suppose.  Since it just arrived today, I can’t really make any long term judgment on it just yet.  Only time will tell.