Christmas in Hong Kong 2015

My wife and I took a Christmas trip to Hong Kong in 2015. I’ve finally gotten around to editing all of the various clips together into one video. Hong Kong is already like the Las Vegas of Asia… lights and people galore. The eating and shopping here is pretty awesome. We had a great time just hanging out for about a week before heading into Vietnam. Nothing crazy here… cool editing, voice over or any of that stuff. Just scenes from Hong Kong with some soothing music.

Screen Capture using QuickTime Player on a Mac

Here’s a quick tip on how to do a screen recording (aka screencast) with free, built-in software on a Mac. You can’t trim or do other fancy things with this free solution but for a quick & dirty screencast, it does a fine job.

BMW i8

Call it a mid-life crisis or whatever but I decided to get a new car today.

Kimchi anyone?

Just having a date night at the Friend’s House Korean Restaurant. It was delicious and probably our new favorite Korean place in Kearny Mesa.