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Short flight around Coronado


On the second battery I decided to do a short waypoint mission around the island using Litchi.  I was hoping to get a much longer flight around the bay too but my battery only had a 60% charge on it so that wasn’t in the cards.  I still go some decent footage but wind was an issue on this flight as well.  I think the next time I’ll take more photos of the island as well as videos.

Hotel del Coronado Orbit


Saturday was a cloudy day but I decided to head out to Coronado anyways to shoot it again.  It’s so picturesque out there that it’s always good for some good footage.  The last time I went out to film it I had just received the drone back and it was more of practice run than anything else.  This is more of a serious attempt to see what I can get.  I was worried that the cloud and haziness would make for a bad shoot but that wasn’t the case as you can see.  The colors were great.  It was even more saturated due to the overcast conditions.  What I didn’t anticipate was the wind.  That caused a bit of jello-ing during parts of the flight.  I guess that just means I have to go back and shoot it again!  This orbit was done on the Litchi app’s Orbit feature, which works much better than the equivalent in the DJI Go app.

Re-edit of my Phantom 3 Maiden Flight

I’ve been busy figuring out how to work Apple’s Final Cut Pro X after using Sony Vegas on Windows for so long.  I think I’ve finally got the hang of how things are done in FCPX.  At least I’ve figured it out enough to make a short intro that I’ll be using with all of my videos and how to color grade with it using FXFactory Pro.  So here’s the 2nd version of my Phantom 3 Professional maiden flight video.  The quality on my computer’s really good since all of my sources are 4K.  Somehow it looks a bit shitty on Youtube… scratch that… it looks shitty on Youtube.  But at least you get the gist of it.  I wish they wouldn’t mess with uploaded videos.  Perhaps that’s why people prefer Vimeo for high quality videos.  Anyways, let me know what you guys think.

How to play SNES games on your jailbroken iPad

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  If you’ve ever wanted to play the classic games from the Super Nintendo platform on your jailbroken iOS devices (iPad or iPhone), I’ve made a new video showing you how to do it.  You can find it on Youtube at:  These games may be old but they’re very good and that’s why they’re classics!  Enjoy!

Eastern Sierra Time Lapse

This is such a cool video. Good music and great use of time lapse. Whenever I watch something like this it makes me want to go out there and attempt something like this.  I don’t have a head that will auto-rotate like what I’m seeing here so some of these effects I can’t do but damn if I’m not impressed.