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Christmas in Hong Kong 2015

My wife and I took a Christmas trip to Hong Kong in 2015. I’ve finally gotten around to editing all of the various clips together into one video. Hong Kong is already like the Las Vegas of Asia… lights and people galore. The eating and shopping here is pretty awesome. We had a great time just hanging out for about a week before heading into Vietnam. Nothing crazy here… cool editing, voice over or any of that stuff. Just scenes from Hong Kong with some soothing music.

Switching from AT&T after 10 years

AT&T is such a greedy company that I’ve finally decided to “un-carrier” myself from it and switch to T-Mobile in 2017. It’s been a 10-year relationship and I figure at my current spend of about $205/month (with a 23% corporate discount in there), I’m worth almost $25,000 to them in revenue for the next 10 years. But they’re greedy and I’m just sick and tire of them. Why?

1. A $20 upgrade fee whenever you buy a new device from them. It’s not a big number but when you can buy the EXACT same device next door and just plug in your SIM card, that’s just a rip-off and GREEDY.
2. A poor unlocking experience. They should make it so that your devices are automatically unlocked when they’re paid off rather than this process where you have to request it, confirm it and then wait. What a hassle.
3. No choices anymore on devices. Want a new device? You’re on their stupid NEXT plan whether you want to or not. Sure, you can pay it off early after you’re on the plan but they just make it too complicated.

Sorry for the rant but it’s one of THOSE videos! 😉

Anyways, T-Mobile has a great deal right now for no contract, no extra fees, etc. and unlimited data to boot. Do yourself a favor and switch!