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Neewer lapel/lavalier mic for vlogging

The Neewer lapel mic has to be one of the best bargains of 2018.  This mic is marketed for vlogging with an Android or iPhone with the standard 3.5mm jack.  On a whim, I decided to get it for my Fuji X-E3 camera.  I also bought a 3.5mm-2.5mm adapter so I can plug it into my Fuji X-E3.  To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect at all and half expected that it wouldn’t work.  Not only did it worked, it worked really well!  And here’s the kicker… you get 3 of them for $4.99!  I’m not kidding… a 3-pack of these guys go for $4.99.  The adapter cost me $5.07 – more than the mics! Check out my YouTube video below on the sound quality.  Is it the best out there?  Probably not, but it sounds really good to me and at less than $2 a mic, you really can’t go wrong.  So yes, it’s 2018 but bargains can still be had.  Even now, this has got to be the best bargain I’ve ever bought!

Olympus E-M5 Flat Picture Profile Video Test

This is a test of footage coming out of the Olympus E-M5 Mark II using the Flat Picture Profile for videos. You get really good results using this profile but it’s not the same as using a log profile to capture your footage. Some of you may wonder why you want to shoot in Log or a Flat profile since it does look so flat and unattractive. But’s that exactly the reason. A Log or Flat profile preserves as much range as possible between the highs and shadows, which you can then recover in post production. This video shows what’s possible shooting with this Flat profile from Olympus.

Color Grading Your Drone Videos with DaVinci Resolve 12

In this video I show you how to grade your drone videos from start to finish using the awesome (and free!) DaVinci Resolve 12. It’s a full fledge non-linear video editor with all the editing capabilities you need plus the best in class color grading/color correction of any application. In this video, I take you from start to finish. If you need more advance editing, you can always do the edits in Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro X and then round-trip it to DaVinci Resolve for the color work, but that’s beyond the scope of this tutorial.

2015 La Jolla Flight 4K

Starting from Mt. Soledad, I took a quick flight of the surrounding La Jolla neighborhood.  It was a gorgeous day out and the video definitely shows it.  This is an area of multi-million dollar houses with some great views of the ocean & surrounding areas.  Many of the houses are custom built so they had an interesting look to them as well!

iPhone 6 Plus MoviePro Color Grade & Stabilization Test

So I’m impressed with the video quality & colors coming out of MoviePro on the iPhone 6 Plus. But I just don’t think it’s ready for professional use.  There’s just something about the video stabilization (or lack thereof) that makes it unusable.  I’ve tried to stabilize in post production and it works to an extent.  In some situation it may even be usable but there’s something of a jello effect from the stabilized videos that makes it unnerving to watch.  On the other hand, colors do grade very well.  I’m thinking that apps like MoviePro and Filmic are doing something with the sensor that just makes it a lot more wobbly and unnerving.  Until they actually fix this issue, it’s back to the stock camera app for videos for me.

Video Stabilization Test with Mega OIS, Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro CC, and DaVinci Res


Here are the results of my video stabilization test using a variety of methods, including hardware base via Panasonic’s Mega O.I.S. and post production stabilization using the three most popular video editors.  The result for me is that they’re all pretty comparable and can create usable videos but nothing that would rival a Steadicam or gimbal type solution.  If you need that kind of smooth footage, it’s best to invest in a hardware solution.