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My experience with Apple Pay

I had my first experience with Apple Pay yesterday.  My wife & I had gone to Macy’s to look for an overcoat for our upcoming trip to Washington DC.  We found very nice gray overcoat from Michael Kors that got a lot of compliments even when I was in line waiting to checkout.

I hadn’t intended to pay using Apple Pay at all.  Rather, I had my phone out because I was busy checking on my village in Clash of Clans as I waited.  Lo & behold, a message popped up as I got close to the register to touch & pay.  After the total was rung up, the cashier didn’t even asked me for a payment method.  I simply touched my thumb to the Touch ID button and voilà, the coat was paid for!  The only additional thing I had to do was give her the last 4 digit of the card that was on screen.  I don’t think I even had to sign!

It was painless and required absolutely no effort.  I think Apple may have a potential winner here.  Of course, the whole thing is kind of like the chicken & egg problem.  Right now there are so few merchants accepting it that you almost have to go out of your way to find someone that accepts it.  I’m just going to try at other NFC enabled point of sale and see what happens.  If it becomes saturated though, I’m certain it’s going to overtake other payment methods.