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October 19, 2017 at 10:25AM

Brexit is wreaking havoc on my 401K

Ok UK citizens, why do you have to wreak havoc on my retirement investments?  It’s not a surprise to anyone how the markets reacted to the shocking news of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union – it tanked globally.  British markets were hit particularly hard, with some shares in the FTSE suspended from trading and the pound sterling at its lowest against the dollar in over three decades.  My own 401K fared just as worse, taking a hit of around 3.5% the first day and continuing to do so until just last night when it rebounded just a bit.  A lot of this is fear of the unknown but I think Brexit itself is containable and things will recover.  It’s what happens if Brexit threatens the break-up of the rest of the EU that people should really worry about.  Before this, I was so sure Brexit would be a non-event that I took my 20% cash holding and went into equity… I should have waited.

I can’t register my car because of an outstanding recall

Well, this is certainly interesting and a first for me.  Yesterday I received a notice in the mail from the California DMV.  At first I didn’t think anything of it since I’ve received so many of the same letters for the past 15 years.  It was just your standard annual vehicle registration notice.  This one was for my Lexus GS350 and upon first glance I thought, okay, I have a few months to take care of this… just like the numerous times before.  As I went to scan in the notice however, this little bit caught my attention:

DMV Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice
DMV Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice with a recall note.


I’ve never seen this one before.  I was aware of the recall; it was for the ELF Fuel Pressure Sensor.  Lexus had sent a letter to me about it and I had it done just the week before.  I’ve received other recall notices in the past and have always taken care of them but I cannot ever remember a time when a vehicle recall prevented me from registering my vehicle.

I for one whole heartedly support this new effort.  I think that due to vehicle ownership changing hands all the time that a lot of vehicles out there are not taken care of properly.  This is a huge safety issue and I’m glad that states are beginning to be pro-active about it.  My only issue now is to figure out what this Correction Certificate business is all about.  I have the repair receipt but that doesn’t sound like it.  I’ll be reaching out to my dealer today to see what the next steps are.

Chaudhry Aslam and Extra-Judicial Killing

Chaudhry Aslam was Pakistan’s “super cop” and had escaped many attempts on his life.  Recently though, the Taliban succeeded in bringing him down with a bomb.  He was ruthless in pursuing criminals & gangsters and many feared him.  He was however, not without critics.  Many have accused him of human rights violations by purposely engaging suspected criminals in gunfights, killing them and claiming self-defense afterwards.  A recent PBS radio story on Aslam gave me pause.  A human rights activist said there’s never a right time for extrajudicial justice.  Officials though say there is no choice in a society where crime is rampant yet the judiciary is either frightened, corrupt or both.  The question that came into my mind is what does society do in a situation like that?  Do you suspend some human rights for immediate security or do you maintain what due process might remain and run the risk of criminals over running everything?  If you stick to your guns and do what’s right, there may not be a society left after the criminals win.  At least not a society that you would recognize.  If you don’t and play by their rules, there’s a risk that you’ll go down that slippery slope and be as lawless as the criminals.

So what should a society finding itself in this situation to do? Aslam believed he had the answer.  He gave his life for that belief and now his 16 year old son wants to continue in his footsteps.  It’s an interesting dilemma.  What would you do?