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Borrego Springs Ride

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This weekend I went on a long ride to Borrego Springs.  The route took me up the 15 to Temecula early in the morning when it was still freezing outside.  I met up with other riders and headed east through Rancho California Road, the 79 and then Wilson Valley Road.  The Wilson Valley Road was a detour off the 79 and was a gorgeous ride.  We came back onto the 79, through San Felipe Road, S22 through Ranchita and then down to Borrego Springs.  The route back retraced the way we came except me & another San Diego rider took the 79 south at San Felipe Road and came home through Ramona.  Enjoy the pictures!

At the overlook on County S22 looking down into Borrego Springs:

Downtown Borrego Springs:

An iron sculpture in the desert about 2 miles out of Borrego Springs:Iron sculpture outside Borrego Springs.

More sculptures:Iron sculpture outside of Borrego Springs.See all of the pictures here:

Battery for my Piaggio BV500

I just got a new battery for my BV500 since the old one died.  This time I’m replacing it with a Shorai Lithium Ion battery at about 1/6 the weight and twice the cost.  For this, I get a battery that’s supposed to be a lot stronger, doesn’t require constant maintenance and lasts twice as long.  It’s a fair trade off I suppose.  Since it just arrived today, I can’t really make any long term judgment on it just yet.  Only time will tell.