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San Diego Beaches


This is just a compilation of a few of the beaches I’ve shot with my Phantom 3 Professional.  I would love to get videos of all of the beaches in San Diego and perhaps even the larger southern California area but that will take some time.  I just think beaches make great subjects for aerial videos.  Depending on where you are, you can get a great variety of scenery.  I hope you enjoy this short compilation and stay tuned for more videos like this!

Sunset Cliffs Flight 4K


It was a pretty cloudy day when I decided to go out to get some videos of the Sunset Cliffs area.  Usually, overcast days are perfect for photos since you can get really nice saturated colors and the clouds provide a nice soft, diffused light.  For videos though, I’m not as sure.  The colors and details are there but something looks off about it in a video.  I suppose this is normal since you are constantly seeing the sky in a video.  But it’s still a pretty nice flight of the area, which has a lot of varied scenery and can be gorgeous to shoot.  Even though I took off and landed in a parking lot, my Phantom still kicked up a bunch of sand & dust that just adheres to my drone.  I’ll have to make sure to take off from my case or something in the future to give it a little more room between the sand and the Phantom.

2015-10-19 Scripps Pier Orbit


I decided to head down to my old haunt today and film a bit of the Scripps Pier at SIO.  Finding a parking spot was the toughest part of this adventure!  After getting that spot though, it was off to the races.  Using Litchi, I flew a quick orbit of the pier and was able to grab this video.