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Paris is getting nicer!

Well, February was a disappointment in Paris after January’s super mild weather.  I was hoping that spring would come earlier this year and that perhaps February would even be better.  In the end, it was much colder than expected although it didn’t rain nearly as much as I thought it would.  Maybe those two things balance each other out?

But now that we’re into the second week of March, I can say that things are definitely taking a turn for the better.  Today the sun’s out and the temperature has gone up considerably – 10 degrees easy – and it looks like it’ll stick around for a bit this time.  Nice & sunny at a brisk 52 degrees and getting to mid 50’s this weekend and into next week.  Now we only need to have the trees budding and everything will be perfect!

Paris in January

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I have an opportunity to be in Paris frequently this year for work and I’m taking advantage of it to really get to know the city and improve my French.  January has been lovely.  Very mild; some rain but not bone chilling cold and some very nice days in there as well.  It’s been wonderful!

On the Pont des Invalides looking up the Seine towards the Eiffel Tower.A Parisian sunset.