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Wedding playlist

by phuoc 0 Comments

I’m in the process of putting my wedding playlist together.  So far there’s about 52 songs and my wife & I are still refining it.  It’s a fun process but we have a bit of a disagreement on what should go in there.  Her criteria is pretty much if she knows it, it’s in.  However, we have two problems there: 1) She’s 21 and 2) She’s new to the U.S. having come from southeast Asia.  This pretty much means that a lot of the classics are just not in her repertoire by no fault of hers.  So while fun, we’re having a lively debate on how many of the classic wedding standards should go in the playlist or should we just have a playlist composed of John Legend & Bruno Mars (not bad choices mind you)?

I’m pretty sure we’ll work it all out and will put together a great playlist for us and our guests.  It’s a challenge but rewarding nonetheless.  Happy Saturday everyone!