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Random bar talk

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I overheard this at the bar where I’m having dinner: “Sometimes you just have to lick the pole.” The conversation is actually quite hilarious but this one stuck out to me.

A one cent check… seriously?!

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Would you stoop down and pick up a penny if you saw it on the streets? These days, probably not given how little you can buy with a penny.

What about a $0.01 check? Would you drive to the bank and deposit it? I probably wouldn’t. But that’s what I received in the mail yesterday… a $0.01 check as part of a class action settlement with AT&T Mobility. You know, all those notices you get where some company has agreed to some settlement of a few million dollars for whatever. You read it, sees that the lawyers got the lion’s share of the settlement but figure, hey, maybe I’ll get a dollar or two… at least enough for a milk tea at least right? Nope… one lousy cent was my share. That’s all I got. It definitely cost more to print the check, process it and mail it out to me than the face amount. But you know what? I’m depositing this one cent check damn it! Thank God for mobile banking and mobile app check deposit.