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Old college days

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While cleaning out the house, I found my old college notes from some 20 years ago. There were notes from biochemistry, economics, statistics and even this old German notebook. Wow… How’s time flies!

Remodeling Photos

by phuoc

The remodeling is continuing as planned.  This weekend I picked up a Samsung gas range in stainless steel (model # NX583G0VBSR/AA) and a Samsung overhead microwave oven, also in stainless steel.  I wasn’t planning on getting new appliances but I figure why not?  The old appliances are over 15 years old and it’s about time.  They should be a welcome upgrade to the old appliances.

As promised, here are some progress photos of the remodeling:

Remodeling Time

by phuoc

With a new fiancée on the way, it’s about time I remodel the place.  I’ve been here over 12 years and the place is beginning to show its age.  I’ve deferred a lot of work on the house since my brother, sister-in-law and their two young children have lived with me but I can’t stand it anymore.  So last week I began the remodeling of my bathrooms and kitchen in earnest.

I’m using TL Premier Construction in San Diego to do the work.  Those guys are super efficient.  Most of the major demo occurred in the first day with remediation work done the following day followed by electrical rough-in, framing, flooring work and plumbing rough-in.  My house was built in 1952 so it’s over 60 years old.  It has remarkably held up very well over the decades but there are some things that needed repair work.  That’s the toughest part of remodeling an older home.  Construction standards were way different back then.  Materials were different too.  In some cases they were better but the majority is better today.  Material science have gone a long ways since the 1950’s!  Still, a lot of the work is repairing before the renovation.

I’m hanging in tight though as the project is moving quickly.  I’ll add pictures at some point here so you all can see what I’m talking about.