Screen Capture using QuickTime Player on a Mac

Here’s a quick tip on how to do a screen recording (aka screencast) with free, built-in software on a Mac. You can’t trim or do other fancy things with this free solution but for a quick & dirty screencast, it does a fine job.

BMW i8

Call it a mid-life crisis or whatever but I decided to get a new car today.

Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C.

Some of the cherry blossoms were damaged over the weekend with the bitter cold in Washington D.C. Some managed to survive and have started blooming. I was able to capture a few of them around the tidal basin after work today.

Get new wallpaper on Android automatically

How to get really nice, beautiful wallpaper for your Android device. It works on phones or tablets and you can set the interval on the app refreshes the wallpaper. The best part is that it’s free and dead simple to use! Check it out and let me know what you think.

2016-08-23 VLOG #0007 – Tuesday evening and the Samsung Gear VR

It’s Tuesday and I’m just sharing my thoughts on the Samsung Gear VR and virtual reality in general. As a first time user, I was pretty much blown away. The resolution is quite not there yet but that’s a lot of data to be pushing around. Still, for the infancy of virtual reality, it’s immersive and pretty damn awesome as it is.