The Start of a New Journey

For a while now, I’ve kept a blog on my personal website. It didn’t really have a purpose and was really a catch-all. That made it lack focus. I’ve abandoned it for a few years but I’ve now decided to restart it with renewed clarity. The main purpose of this blog is to document my journey to FIRE – Financial Independence, Retire Early. It won’t be as early as some, but it’ll be earlier than most.

Lake Brienz, Switzerland – Andreas Gücklhorn

Along the way, I hope to document things I’m thinking about, reasons for doing what I’m doing, resources I’ve found useful, and other things relating to this journey. I won’t necessarily get too much into the weeds and would like to stay relatively high level where I can. But I’m hoping to provide enough meat for people to act on if they so choose. Topics include savings, investment vehicles/accounts, budgeting, planning for healthcare, investments themselves, asset allocation, insurance, related lifestyle topics & questions, some politics to the extent that it affects the discussion at ahnd and pretty much anything else I think would be germane to the journey.

No matter how much money you have, more time is the one thing you cannot buy.

I started this journey in earnest about 3 years ago and I expect it to go for another 9 years or so. I’ve flirted with it earlier but didn’t really start in earnest until recently. I’ve decided to call the blog It’s About Time! for a few reasons. One is that it is time I started to think seriously about it and two, as I get a bit older, I’m more aware of my mortality and how important time is. That’s not to be morbid but to simply acknowledge a truth: no matter how much money you have, more time is the one thing you cannot buy. In any case, I hope you’ll join me in the journey and that you find some use out of it. Or at least some entertainment.

P.S. I know! Another FIRE blog. There are so many greater writers and contributors to this space with a wealth of knowledge to offer, what else can I possibly add? I don’t know… maybe just a slightly different voice in the chorus. In recent years, I’ve come to realize that the delivery of a message can be even more important than the message itself. Maybe my delivery will resonate with some. At the very least, it’s something that I’m passionate about and it’s a hobby for me to do.

By Phuoc

Phuoc is on his own fatFIRE journey. He has come to realize that time ≠ money. In fact, time is infinitely more valuable. After decades of savings & investing, he is starting to help others starting their own FIRE journey through articles, videos, and mentoring.

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