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Welcome to my little corner on the Internet!  I’m Phuoc Le from San Diego, CA.  I consider myself a native San Diegan (specifically a native East County San Diegan).  My family immigrated here as boat people in 1982 and we’ve never looked back.

This site has been in existence since about 1999 in various forms with multiple domains pointing back to the main site.  I’ve recently decided to move to WordPress as my publishing platform.  There were many reasons for this really… here are just a few:

  • I got sick of manually programming everything.  It was a good exercise while it lasted.
  • I wanted some more features, such as the ability to post via email for example.  This just makes it easier.
  • A more robust commenting system.

Plus it’s about time I move to a modern platform.  Hopefully this will get me to put more content up.  We shall see!  🙂

My contact information:

G o o g l e  (email/chat – you fill in the rest!): phuocl
Skype: phuocsandiego

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  1. Teresa
    Hi, regarding ur ruby helmet. How much do u sell it for? Is it red? What size? Thanks, Teresabsh@gmail.com

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