I finally had time to go down to the Verizon store today to see with my own eyes the potential display issues. I can say for sure that cancelling my pre-order was absolutely the right thing to do. The deal breaker for me was actually that blue tint. It was immediate as soon as you move the phone from straight on and it was damn annoying. At half brightness, I was bothered by it right away. There’s absolutely no reason why that should be the case on a $1,000 phone. The 5″ Google Pixel 2 with the Samsung AMOLED screen looked way better.

As for the other two issues that was raised, I didn’t see the graininess in regular use. So that wouldn’t have killed it for me. I did notice the duller colors. That wasn’t as bad as I had expected but it’s noticeable. So in all, I’m very glad to have cancelled the order. That blue tint issue would have driven me crazy. I’m now going through with my back-up plan. Get a first generation Pixel with a lot of storage for the free Google Photos storage and wait until next year.