Google is nefarious.  One of its mission is to do no evil, yet it’ll keep every little detail about you forever without much regards to your privacy.  If the government should ask for it, it’ll hand it over.  All this in the name of providing better service.  I use Google services but am trying my best to keep as much of my privacy as I can.  I use an adblocker.  I set up my browser so it doesn’t leave cookies on most sites and I actively stop sites trying to track me.

There are other things you can do.  You can use an alternative search engine.  My current favorite is  It uses the results from Google and Bing but does it anonymously.  After that, go to and delete your web history.  Make sure you turn off that “feature” afterwards as well.  You’ll want to check this occasionally if you’re a Google user.  I’ve seen it turn back on without as much as a warning.  These may be small measures but every little bit helps!