I’m getting the house ready for my fiancée to come over and things are down to the wire.  She’s due over Tuesday night.  I have painting to be completed and then final cleaning.  As of yesterday, all the baseboards are in and the walls & ceiling are patched.  They still need to be sanded and the baseboards need to be caulked before painting can begin.  The painter is one site and he has started some of the caulking and prep work for painting.  He tells me that he will finish tomorrow early.  That doesn’t give me a lot of time!  Once he’s done, I’ll spend most of Monday afternoon & evening cleaning up.  And perhaps even some of Tuesday.  Yes, I’m certainly feeling the pressure as I’m leaving for LAX on Tuesday around 2:00 PM to pick her up.  I lost 3 days last week going to New York (which ended up being just a day and a half in the city since the rest of it was spent traveling).  That certainly didn’t help and I’m feeling the pressure.  I don’t like these last minute things at all!